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John Lugue

Executive Assistant

Serving as the key support to Prashant in Sales and Marketing activities, John Matthew Lugue carries out a multifaceted role within the team.

His responsibilities span from managing the CRM for lead management setup and maintenance to taking charge as the head of social media marketing, creating captivating stills and video content coupled with compelling copywriting. Additionally, John assists in handling multiple projects alongside Prashant.

Renowned for his exceptional skills and adaptability, John excels when under pressure, leveraging his flexibility to navigate various challenges. His ability to craft lasting processes that are replicable is instrumental in fostering business growth.

His life philosophy, “You always have a choice in your life, thus always use happiness,” reflects his unwavering commitment to choosing a positive and joyful approach in both personal and professional realms.

Outside the professional landscape, John finds joy in spending quality time with his wife and dogs. He delves into exploring the realms of ChatGPT and AI, engaging in their intricacies. Additionally, he expresses his passion as a competitive freestyle dancer and dedicates time to nurturing his side businesses.

John Matthew Lugue contributes significantly to the team’s success by bringing a diverse skill set and a contagious positive energy to the table.