Helping Australian families reduce their debt so they can secure better lifestyles.

Our Vision

“To bring such drastic change to family wealth management, that it creates a vibrant thriving communities throughout Australia.”

Why we started

Once upon a time, My Family Finance was born out of the frustration with the banking system. Banks were mistreating their customers, financial wastage was rampant, and inefficiency was the norm. The dread of enduring a lifetime of debt, exemplified by 50-60 year mortgages, hung over individuals like a dark cloud. There was a glaring lack of education from brokers, banks, and the entire financial services industry. Add to that, the absence of financial accountability within families, and the picture was indeed grim.

In contrast, we at My Family Finance find profound joy in partnering with people to uncover their dreams and ambitions. We thrive on aiding individuals in their 40s in Australia to realise and nurture those dreams. Our passion extends to educating our clients about financial matters, fostering an environment of accountability, and promoting efficient financial practices. We don’t just provide a service; we embark on a journey with you, turning financial management into an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Bringing one family at a time into financial freedom.

I recall sitting with a family when I first started out as a mortgage consultant 11 years ago. I was young, enthusiastic, and had no real understanding of how a crushing debt could affect families.

I had no idea about the emotional reaction people could give toward money. I was explaining to them that over the last 7 years they had paid over $140,000 to their bank and only reduced their overall debt by $8,000. I began running through their payments, the interest rate changes, and how slowly their debt had reduced and it hit me like a brick. The husband started banging his fist on the table, a coffee cup fell over spilling all over the table, his wife began crying and I just sat there, not sure what to do.

The following day, I told my manager what had happened. I explained how the clients had just found out all their hard work and their dreams had disappeared in a puff of smoke. From that day onwards, I made it my mission to save people’s time, and money and protect what is most important to them.


Open and honest are fundamental to our core principles. Honest and forthright behaviour and communciation are essential to our company’s success.

Serving families

We believe that serving Australian households will not only accomplish our business goals, but bring great joy in our organisation and in the personal lives of our staff.

Smart Technologies

We leverage technology to make life easier for our clients.

Lead with integrity

We are the industry leaders in ethical financial practices for Australia. 

Knowledge based investment

All of our strategic advice is data-driven and assesed across mutliple levels on both the micro and the macro. Our team of consultants are second to none.

How we work

My Family Finance is a company that specialises in helping Australian families reduce their expenses and manage their debt in order to improve their financial position. We are focused on providing our clients with strategic coaching, planning services, and utilising Smart technoligies and tools that help them pay down debt and invest in their future. Our company prides itself on being the leading service provider in Australia that helps famlies acheive financial independence.

Freedom From Debt

We create strategies around cashflow management to shave years off your mortgage, and bring you out of debt. Every plan is unique, customised to your family's goals.

Financial Advice

Our team of advisors are handpicked and exclusive to our clients. In a world of uncertianty we provide peace of mind for the future.

Wealth Creation

Families need generational wealth, leaving a legacy for your children and your children's children is what we help you do. This all starts with you mapping out your ideal financial self well past retirement age.

Freedom For Life

Living life requires a financially stable future. Having the right processes in place now, will set you up for what is to come.

7 years, of saving Australian Families from Australian banks.

My Family Finance begins, with refinancing & mortgage services.
Signature "Freedom" program laucnhed to save families from debt.
My Family Finance Property Investment Services for wealth creation launches.
My Family Finance establishes educational platform "" to provide resources for Aussie families.