prashant nand

Prashant Nand

Managing Director | Founder
Strategic Leadership

Define company's vision, strategy and values.

Risk Management

Risk assessment, mitigation, and decision making.

Customer-centricity, focus and commitment to ongoing learning.

As the Founder and CEO of My Family Finance, Prashant Nand plays a pivotal role in shaping the organisation’s success and reputation. His responsibilities span strategic leadership, risk management, and ethical stewardship. With a multifaceted role, he defines the company’s vision and strategy, ensuring competitiveness in the evolving financial landscape while managing risks to safeguard the interests of clients and stakeholders.

Ethical leadership remains a cornerstone, prioritising transparency, integrity, and compliance with regulations. He fosters a culture of responsible lending and investment and focuses on nurturing talent, fostering a skilled and motivated workforce, and promoting diversity and inclusion. Effective communication with stakeholders, from employees to investors, is essential.

Prashant’s deep understanding of financial markets, products, and industry trends shapes informed decisions and strategies. His leadership inspires and guides a motivated and cohesive workforce while developing a clear vision and strategy for long-term success. He grasps risk assessment and mitigation, upholds high ethical standards, and excels in effective communication and problem-solving.

Moreover, Prashant values adaptability, negotiation skills, resilience, networking, decision-making, strategic thinking, customer focus, and empathy. These strengths, coupled with his commitment to ongoing learning, form a robust foundation for success as the Founder and CEO of a finance company.

His motto, “Kindness Matters,” underlines his commitment to promoting a compassionate and empathetic approach in both professional and personal realms.

Outside the finance world, Prashant finds joy in family time, archery, aquascaping, motorbike riding, and engaging in temple service and spiritual endeavours.

Prashant Nand stands as the visionary leader steering My Family Finance, dedicated to ethical, successful, and compassionate financial stewardship, while finding fulfilment in diverse personal pursuits.